A vein and associated ore grade
Sedimentary sequence that has been both folded and faulted
Cross section edited with symbols
Florida Basin Model from USGS
A faulted sequence and non-conformity
Geological model and flow model grid

Touch Water

Touch Water is a company that specializes in helping you improve your geological modelling capabilities. This revolves around Leapfrog geological modelling software, a revolutionary way to learn about your geology.

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  • Experienced Leapfrog user
  • > 20 years experience
  • Enthusiastic
  • Real world experience
  • A team to assist you
  • Conceptual modelling experts


    We hold lots of training courses so contact us to learn more:
  • In-house (closed) courses
  • Custom training
  • We support all Leapfrog products



Here is just a few other examples of what can be done with Leapfrog:

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Touch Water

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